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This is The Slash Club, based off a club on a Harry Potter forum, we are basically here to discuss slash, post slash related pictures, post links to slash fanfics and more or less discuss anything related to homosexuality.
Slash is also known as yaoi and BL (boy's love) to those who don't already know.
The SC also promotes yuri, femmeslash and shoujo ai.
We would perfer that people who don't wish to peacefully discuss these things stay out of the club. Other then that, come on in and have fun!

Before joining, please answer these questions and put them with your first post as it's tradition; it also saves you from making up something to say in those embarassing newbie posts.

We are an all ages group so don't throw a fit if an underaged kid sees your stuff (fanart, fanfic, whatever). After all, how old were you when you first saw something dirty? We do request, however, that things that aren't 'work-safe' are put under a cut-tag. If you really don't want the young'uns seeing your NC-17 then simply post it in another (age-restricted) journal.
If a member is found stealing someone's work they will be banned.

Note: This club, when it was on the forum, was a sort of 'babble zone'. You can rant about fandoms and jump for joy about your favourite ships etc. As long as they are related to slash/yaoi/BL and/or femmeslash/yuri/shoujo ai, you can rant/babble/talk about it here. This is sometimes discouraged in other communities, though, so newbie LJers should keep that in mind.

Proper spelling/grammar (to the best of your abilities) is encouraged. It's hard to read a 500 word BabbleRant when all of it is misspelled and badly worded. We're not asking for perfection - just a respect for the people in our group who can't read chat-speak easily.

It has been decided that promo ads are allowed however they must be under a cut tag explaining what they are, you can't join-promote-leave and posting the ads more than once in this club will get them deleted.

-BooksOfMagic, the 'Pez'

Gay Cinema List - Feel free to comment with your reccommendation for a movie you've seen, or if what you've seen and enjoyed is already up there, feel free to give it a vote.